A senior software engineer looking for a role on a product team.

Currently living in Columbus, Ohio
Working as a software engineer since 2018

Interested in delivering value fast and making experiences memorable.

Wheter it be the user experience of a product, the experience of us collaborating,
or just having some drinks together, lead with enjoyment and curiousity

Professional Experience.


A SaaS platform for small entrepenures to run their service based business on. I was a founding engineer. Main features being scheduling, payment processing, and a light weight CRM. Users build a storefront of service offerings that are bookable to the public. Schedules are set by the user and can handle conflicts with synced personal calendars. Service offerings include one time events, schedule based events, subscriptions, and bundles.


A esports platform where I was a software engineer 5, which was considered a senior engineer. I contributed to erena, a tournament hosting and organization web application. As well, I architeched a centralized ad platform to monitize our products and services. Some challenges faced included scalability, working with third parties, and cross team collaboration.


A software consulting company where I was a software engineer. I contributed to a client in the cyber sercurity sector by building a api in enabling their customers seemless integration with their services. After that project, I went on to eFuse where I would eventually work for directly after getting a extension and expansion of work for augustwenty.

State Auto

A Ohio based insurance company (acquired by Liberty Mutual) where I was a software engineer. I contributed to building their mobile app from a greenfield state. Written in React Native and released within a year to iOS and Android.

Pillar Technology

A software consulting company (acquired by Accenture) where I started as an apprentice. The apprenticeship was a little over 4 months and gave me a great foundation in consulting, agile software devlopment, and being able to navigate ambiguity. After no longer being an apprentice, I worked on a cloud agnostic deployment tool for Smart City OS and tooling for the Tennessse depart of unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before I was a Software Engineer.

  • Previously worked as a chef at in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Cooked at Greenhouse Tavern and then Driftwood Catering
  • Tried my hand at starting a buisness making Kombucha
  • Found my way into software development while starting a different business which was a chef staffing agency
  • Moved to Columbus to reinvent myself
  • Attended Tech Elevator in 2018